Golf Tips

Are you struggling with Ball Striking consistency ?

Start with 2 changes:

1. Start with Developing a consistent “Stance” and “Setup”.  ( also check your alignment )

Inconsistent  Setup can easily result in inconsistent “Ball Striking”.  Are you “Topping” the ball ???

*** a consistent Setup will allow you to also maintain # 2 ( below) – Rhythm and Tempo.

2. Check your “rhythm”and “tempo”.  Develop a rhythm and tempo that is comfortable for you and one you can maintain.

For a 2 Count swing – it might be that you repeat the same two words in your mind as you swing.

*** Consistency in Rhythm and Tempo can ensure that you don’t stand over the ball too long and “Tense” or “Tighten” up before swinging.  This can also result in poor Ball Striking.

Remember:  if you are having a tough time with either of these two golf issues and need some help – – we can help you !

Referrals for Lessons are available:   A short 1/2 hour lesson might help and if you need more Full hour lessons are also available!